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Intercompany Analysis

Intercompany Reporting for Finance

Your CFO asked you to implement Financial Analytics. You did that. At the next meeting, he asks you to show Balance Sheet and Income Statement while filtering out the Intercompany entities. And you are puzzled when your BI tool cannot do that!

Most out of the box financial analytics implementations don’t go far enough to give you the ability to filter the intercompany transactions and seamlessly propagate that functionality across all your financial analytics reports.

Versa Shore has implemented Financial Analytics several times to understand the finer nuances of financial reporting. We have spent hundred of hours working with CFO’s teams to appreciate and understand their unmet needs.


Given the pressures from investors and Wall Street alike, CFOs and their teams need the ability to not only provide the standard boilerplate financial reports but also have the ability to filter out specific categories and build custom reports.

Versa Shore has synergistically combined its expertise in finance domain and system implementation to provide a unique offering. In 4 weeks for a fixed fee, the experts at Versa Shore can gather your unique requirements and implement the Intercompany filtering across your financial analytics reports.

Additionally, Versa Shore can also provide a quick win for your user base by enabling the drill downs from the Balance Sheet to Accounts to Journal Entries to Ledgers. This can provide your finance and accounting teams with a huge
advantage by giving them the ease of use and enabling the much-needed functionality to do top down analysis.

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