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Business Process Trumps Technology

A robust business process forms the very foundation of a successful IT project.  A common misconception is that the latest and greatest technology from any given vendor can make up for weak, illogical and inadequate business processes. In discussions with clients, I have discovered that companies t...

Increasing User Adoption of BI Software

Increasing User Adoption of BI Software

How do I increase end user adoption for BI software?” is a question I get asked quite frequently by customers.  Resistance to change is a common workplace occurrence.  Folks prefer to continue to do what they have been doing for months or years without paying heed to how the business model or t...

IT Staffing Paradigm in Today’s Economy

Startups and large companies alike, struggle with optimally staffing their IT teams.  As enabling organizations, IT departments are typical cost centers and there is tremendous pressure to cut costs and keep a lean team.  At the same time end users expect quick response times and a phenomenal leve...

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