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IT Staffing Paradigm in Today’s Economy

Startups and large companies alike, struggle with optimally staffing their IT teams.  As enabling organizations, IT departments are typical cost centers and there is tremendous pressure to cut costs and keep a lean team.  At the same time end users expect quick response times and a phenomenal level of service.  In a down economy, the IT department is one of the first departments to be cut and in an up economy they tend to add team members rather slowly.

IT Staffing can quickly become the lynchpin of a company’s success based on how well it is leveraged.  Staffing can become the strategic tool in an IT manager’s toolset that can allow management to ramp up or down with skillset and head count as needed.

Given this conundrum, IT managers have no choice but to leverage the extra horse-power on demand with the ability to turn it on or off as needed.  This is essentially the global “on-tap” model that assists companies perform better without having a huge workforce on their payroll and keeps the bean counters happy.

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