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Installing Steelbrick CPQ in

Here are the basic steps to setting up SFDC CPQ


  1. Log into your salesforce instance
  2. Navigate to Price Books tab
    1. Deactivate Standard
    2. Activate Standard Price Book
  3. Install the Native CPQ package
  4. Click Install for all users
  5. Install package and approve third party access
  6. Once successfully installed, you will receive an email confirming successful install
  7. Navigate to setup| Installed packages and click configure
    1. Authorize Steelbrick for access
    2. Under Steelbrick settings, enable “Authorize new calculations in service”
  8. Setup the following Package Settings
    1. Document Folder Tab: Quotes and enable full page preview
    2. Line Editor Tab: Enable Visualize Product Hierarchy and enable multi-line delete
    3. Subscriptions and Renewals: Month
  9. Choose SteelBrick CPQ from the app menu to change to a more convenient layout


Now your Steelbrick CPQ is ready for use.

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