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Quick Guide: APS Software Architecture

The Microsoft APS Appliance consists of the following domains

  • Fabric Domain,
  • PDW Workload Domain &
  • HDI Workload Domain


The Fabric Domain consists of


  • Physical Hosts
  • Virtual machines needed to maintain infrastructure and workload VM configurations


The PDW Workload Domain consists of


  • PDW Workload
    • SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition (PDW/APS build)
    • Control node and compute notes for PDW workload
  • Storage
    • More files per filegroup
    • Leverages multiple spindles in parallel


The HDI Workload Domain consists of


  • HDI Workload Details
  • Windows HDI (Hortonworks HDP)
  • Head/Security/Management nodes and Data nodes

Stay tuned for more information on Microsoft APS.

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